SHAPE of Tucson

By Aletheia Ida and John Malmborg
Abstract shape illuminated in blue light

March 11-13, 2022
Wonder House | Fogo de Chao

SHAPE: Soundscapes with Hydrogel Actuated Podium Electronics. SHAPE is an interactive installation representative of the Sonoran Desert. As individuals approach the podium, the piece initiates with an original electronic soundscape that is synchronized with an internal lighting display. The podium is made from a transparent acrylic enclosure with programmable LED light strips running along the interior edges. The LED lighting is representative of the desert’s bright blue sky, bright green plants, and bright pink fruits. The sounds evoke notions of natural landscapes, flora, and fauna within the Sonoran Desert. Translucent hydrogels are embedded within the membrane walls of the podium, resembling succulent moisture, and conveying optical effects of light with modulating refraction indices. Individuals and small groups are invited by their curiosity and interest to gather around the podium where three musical pieces will play consecutively. The overall experience engages the human senses through unique materials, sound, and light with implications for transforming our built environment.