Todd Vanderah, PhD

Professor, Department Head, Pharmacology
Director, Arizona Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center
Portrait of Todd Vanderah, Phd


Cannabis is here. So let's understand it.

Saturday, March 11, 4 p.m.

Surround Stage

TODD'S TALK, Cannabis is here. So let's understand it.

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With the increasing legalization and use of marijuana throughout the country, we have a duty to ourselves and our society to understand its potential benefits and harms. Right now, it's easier for a researcher to study cocaine or morphine than it is to study CBD, only one of more than 500 compounds found in the cannabis plant. What we do know comes from anecdotal stories or very limited studies. In this session, we'll discuss the ups and downs of cannabis as found in the research that is happening now. We'll also show you what the future could be if the Schedule 1 designation were removed and research appropriately funded, allowing us to design comprehensive studies and educate the public, as well as the medical profession, about the realities of marijuana. 


Dr. Vanderah is Professor and Chair of Pharmacology, as well as Joint Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Anesthesiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Tucson. He co-directs the MD/PhD Program and is the Director of the Comprehensive Pain and Addiction Center in the Health Sciences. His research interests include mechanisms of cancer pain, opioid use disorder, cannabinoid pharmacology, neuronal integration in pain pathways, neurochemical release during conditions of neuropathy, neuronal plasticity, addiction, as well as the discovery of novel targets for new medications to help in substance use disorder and chronic pain. 

He is an author on several patents and has made great efforts in reaching out to the community to help educate in areas of substance use disorder and chronic pain. He is Principle Investigator on two Paraprofessional Programs funded by the Federal Government that train individuals across Arizona to help people with Substance Use Disorder.  He was recently appointed to the Human Health and Services as a Member of the Pain Research Coordinating Committee of the National Institutes of Health.