Sydney Streightiff

Doctoral Student at the University of Arizona
Portrait of Sydney Streightiff

WONDER HOUSE @ SXSW 2022 Project & Talk:

Awe Walk With Us
Friday, March 11, various times
Stay tuned for details

Creative Encounters in Awe Walking
Saturday, March 12, 12 p.m.
Surround Stage


Awe Walk With Us
Take a moment during the hustle of SXSW to creatively explore and document the awe-inspiring heart of Austin. Recent neuroscience research shows the health benefits of going on short walks while looking for things that inspire and awe. Awe walks are affordable, accessible, and uplifting, and have been shown to reduce stress and promote emotions like empathy and compassion. Join Jennie and Sydney from the UArizona Applied Intercultural Arts Research Program who will teach you how to use creative prompts to enhance awe walking as they send you out to help them document awe in Austin. Stay tuned for details.


Creative Encounters in Awe Walking

Join us for an interactive deep dive into the awe walk mapping project. Recent research shows that going on walks looking for things that inspire childlike wonder can promote wellness and decrease stress. Learn about it, and how creative prompts, documentation, and sharing platforms can help you develop an awe-walking practice to promote healthy aging across the lifespan. If you came on a Friday awe walk with us, you just might find your photos here!


Sydney Streightiff is a PhD student and oboist in the Applied Intercultural Arts Research Graduate Interdisciplinary Program at the University of Arizona. Sydney also received her Master’s in Music Performance from the University of Arizona during which she became drawn to research that promotes the use of art to promote health and wellness in musicians. Currently, she is working for the strategic initiative, Innovations in Healthy Aging, at the University of Arizona to build programming around the theme of Aging and the Arts. She manages a monthly poetry circle that centers around building intergenerational relationships through conversation. Recently she traveled to Greece to participate in the Encounters project, an international research project that focuses on the intersection of ethnography, arts and pedagogy. It is through this project that she started studying Awe with Dr. Gubner in which she is interested in how finding and sharing Awe can impact someone's day to day life.