Ryan Meeks, AIA

Architect, Founder, Bosk
UArizona Alumnus, B.Arch., 2005
Portrait photo of Ryan Meeks, AIA


Unlearning from Meow Wolf, what a unique design experience says about the future of architecture

Monday, March 13, 5:30 p.m.

Surround Stage

RYAN'S TALK, Unlearning from Meow Wolf, what a unique design experience says about the future of architecture

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When designing Convergence Station, the Denver iteration of Meow Wolf, Ryan found himself in the middle of a unique design experience – a counterintuitive moment that pushed him to new innovations and personal growth. Architecture has tremendous potential to solve our biggest sustainability goals at scale (embodied carbon, operational energy, healthy environments, end of life reuse). When we embrace strategic constraints, we will unlock the possibilities.

Listen to Ryan and his team discuss the building of Convergence Station on the Podcast the Art of Construction.


Ryan is an award-winning architect and urban designer that brings experience and a passion for design from master planning, to programming, to construction administration. Ryan works with openness and clarity  with an appreciation for the importance of magnifying great ideas. With a breadth of work from Seattle to New York, as well as internationally, he contributes big picture thinking and creative problem solving to all projects. He has developed a reputation and passion for executing complex and unique projects that require creative problem solving while developing the strong team relationships that are critical for success.

Ryan has had a broad background in his career in architecture and urban design.  With buildings and master plans in locations as different as Bangkok, China, UAE, Iraq, New York, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah; his perspective on the profession and the communities he has studied have informed a unique  understanding of what design means for our world.