Robert (Rocky) Crocker, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine at the University of Arizona
Director, Strategic Clinical Planning and Implementation
Robert "Rocky" Crocker, MD, portrait


De-Stress Your Environment and Your Life

Sunday, March 13, 3 p.m.
Rooftop Stage



Dr. Esther Sternberg and Dr. Rocky Crocker will discuss a framework for embedding integrative health into the built environment, starting with a conversation about how each began to work in the area of integrative health and the built environment. Learn about the importance of lifestyle in health and wellbeing and the 7 “core areas”, or domains of integrative health through clear examples. Find out how the built environment can be designed to foster and support each domain. Both experts will touch on the importance of integrative health and designing the built environment to support it, specifically, post-COVID. Take a peek into the future of the field, and some practical tips to incorporate integrative health principles into your everyday life to de-stress and get healthier.

Robert “Rocky” Crocker, MD, a 2007 Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine (AWCIM) IM fellowship graduate, joined AWCIM in 2012 as the Director of Strategic Clinical Planning and Implementation.

He was involved in the development of the AWCIM’s Integrative Health and Lifestyle program, of AWCIM’s Integrative Health & Wellness Coaching program and in the development of AWCIM’s integrative self-care app, My Wellness Coach. He serves as a consultant helping individuals and organizations develop integrative strategies and centers.

Prior to coming to AWCIM, Dr. Crocker was the chief medical officer of American Specialty Health, and prior to that was the national medical director for WellPoint Health Networks, after having practiced Family Medicine in Mississippi for 11 years.  Dr. Crocker has served as a health consultant, providing oversight of previous humanitarian relief efforts in Central Asia, and more recently has worked with aboriginal communities in Australia.