Jessica Tierney, PhD

Associate Professor of Geosciences and Global Change
Portrait of Jessica Tierney


Days of Drought and Flood: How past climate change frames our future

Friday, March 11 at 5 p.m.


Human emissions have driven the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere to a level higher than any time in the last two million years. Already, we are seeing the effects of climate change in our own backyards: drought, floods, more intense storms, and sea level rise. But what does the future hold? To get an idea, we can look to past climates on Earth, such as “greenhouse worlds,” to learn what a warmer world looks like and how weather and climate behave. These ancient climates can help us prepare for the future.


Dr. Tierney is a climate scientist who specializes in studying how climate has changed in the Earth's past and what that means for our future. She has published over 70 scientific articles and is a Lead Author on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Sixth Assessment Working Group 1 report.

Dr. Tierney has received numerous awards for her research, including a Packard Foundation Fellowship and a Fellowship from the American Geophysical Union.

At the University of Arizona, Jessica is an associate professor of Geosciences in the College of Science, with appointments in the Global Change Graduate Interdisciplinary program and in the School of Geography, Development and the Environment.