Jessica Gonzales

Painter, Muralist and Designer
University of Arizona BFA, class of 2012
Jessica Gonzales painting the undercoating for mural, "Dandelion"

WONDER HOUSE @ SXSW 2022 Experience:

Jessica and Dakin will paint Seeds of Wonder on the 3rd Street side of Fogo de Chao daily, weather-permitting, and as long as the light is good.

Friday–Sunday, March 11–13, approx. 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.


This piece is about harnessing your passions and following your dreams. The dandelion represents dreams and desires, while the twinkling fireflies represent wonder and curiosity. I chose a color palette that represents beautiful Arizona sunsets, during which I often find myself most inspired and elevated. This piece is meant to celebrate the beauty of the desert and encourage viewers to embrace and pursue their interests.


Jessica Gonzales is a local artist whose vision and personal voice can be seen and heard clearly through both her works on canvas and on the walls she paints as a muralist. Raised in Germany within a military base community, her work is distinctively her own. Much of her imagery is filled with lyrical portraits of women, often local, as well as rich color, bold pattern, and contrast, both visual and conceptual.

My mom is an art-maker, and so was my grandmother. My father is a musician. I grew up being surrounded by art materials, images and the creative process. My mother studied art in college, and as a kid, looking through her college portfolio was one of my favorite things to do together. She still works as a graphic designer but devotes more and more of her attention to her pastel work these days.

I am generally an introverted kind of person, so painting in front of people was really a stretch in the beginning. When I paint at music venues, I interact with people who like to talk with me about what I’m doing. The same thing happens when I work on a mural. It’s so different to be hearing people’s input and comments as I paint than when I am alone in my studio. There’s a vulnerability to exposing your creative process to the world, as it’s happening. It can be uncomfortable, but I’ve learned that the majority of people are genuinely curious and fascinated by the process. It’s very humbling.

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