Jacquie Kuru

Jacquie Kuru

Team Member, iVoices Media Lab
Producer, The "Social Media & Ourselves" Podcast
Jacquie Kuru Portrait


Be. Here. Now. Inside a Social Media & Ourselves Podcast, Pt 1

Friday, March 11, 3 p.m.

Rooftop Stage

Be. Here. Now. Inside a Social Media & Ourselves Podcast, Pt 2

Sunday, March 13, 2 p.m.

Rooftop Stage


What does it mean to be “at” an event today? Even when we’re live in person, we’re surrounded by streams of online check-ins and selfies. So what are the sounds, sights, and feels that mean being here together, what are we willing to do to experience them, and how do their digital echoes transform them? Join the iVoices Student Media Lab as we dive into how we do what we do: learning and listening while producing a story-driven episode about the thrill and desperation of being “at” an event like SXSW. Part 1, 3p.m. Friday; Part 2, 3p.m., Sunday.


Jacquie Kuru is an aspiring digital anthropologist and data analyst – curious about how the rise of social media and online influencers is affecting our society from economics to interpersonal relationships. Growing up during the rise of YouTube, Twitch, and other content creation platforms, she watched how everyday people became famous and affluent, and saw how their presence changed discourse online and offline. Additionally, she witnessed the revolution of content creation where an individual’s work can rival those from established corporations thanks to increased access to complex technologies.

Fascinated by how empowering software has become, Jacquie is a passionate advocate and user of open source technologies such as OBS and Blender, believing innovation goes hand-in-hand with accessibility. She pairs her love for these new forms of technology with an acknowledgement and appreciation of older forms, having been trained and certified in traditional film and broadcast radio. She has explored and is well-versed in numerous forms of content creation, creating media ranging from 3D renders, to live streams, and interactive programs. Currently, she is concentrating on the rise of virtual reality and spaces such as VRchat and Facebook’s recently released Metaverse - interested in how the growing significance of these digital environments will affect our current society.

In addition to digital spaces, she is incredibly interested in the rise of digital celebrities and their effects as well. Through iVoices, she explores how social media is affecting everyday life and acts as both an advocate and critic of arising behavioral patterns. Though she believes in and supports social media’s ability to connect individuals and foster communities across the globe, she is concerned about growing levels of loneliness, parasocial relationships, and echo chambers caused by these digital spaces. She is incredibly excited to see how the digital space will further evolve and our relationship with it but, at the same time, believes we should be cautious in every step of development.