Devin Bayly

Consultant, Data/Visualization
Portrait of Devin Bayley

WONDER HOUSE @ SXSW 2023 Experience:

PhytoOracle 2 VR
Every day, Noon – 8p.m.
Patio VR Bar


PhytoOracle 2 VR

Transport yourself through Virtual Reality into the shoes of farmers and scientists fighting
climate change and drought to develop resilient and sustainable agriculture practices. This
experience provides a one of a kind look into the data generated in the University of Arizona
PhytoOracle Field Scanner project


Devin Bayly is a data and visualization consultant with the University of Arizona's Research
Technologies department. He has developed an immersive visualization prototype that invites
exploration and discovery of the PhytoOracle project’s seasonal data. Developing this prototype
demands fluency in web visualization, container orchestration, high performance computing,
and open source game engine development. He feels the most at home on projects with
Ecosystems of diverse interacting technologies like this. Born and raised in the southwest, he is
honored to assist in bringing data to life using visualization for critical research initiatives like this