Christian Carl

Christian Carl

Executive Creative Director, 160over90
Portrait of Christian Carl in black and white


World Building: How to make a world of difference

Sunday, March 13, 5 p.m.
Surround Stage




Disney created a world, bought a galaxy and then acquired a Universe. And then Lego licensed them all. Why? Because the world of entertainment understands the value of building a world that’s inviting, entertaining, motivating, and profitable. Being an Endeavor company, few understand the value of that more than 160over90, the advertising agency behind the world of WONDER and other brand worlds. Members of the team will discuss how to build a world for your brand that invites people in and creates a place for engaging experiences and endless storytelling.



My wife gave me a mug for Father’s Day that reads, tired since 1994. That’s how long I’ve been a dad. I’ve also been writing professionally since then, too. So, while I was learning how to braid hair and make friendship bracelets, I was also learning to craft advertising campaigns in Boston, Philadelphia, and some of New York City’s biggest agencies. While I was reading bedtime stories with my kids about imaginative worlds with lovable characters, I was writing stories, creating worlds, and developing characters for brands. And recently I published a series of children's books called "land of lots".
Through it all, I've helped raise three kids, currently ages 5, 16, and 26, in three different decades. In that time, I’ve seen TV shows, movies, music, and books come and go. I’ve seen the delivery, devices, and formats of it change. But one thing hasn’t. No matter how it’s consumed, a good story wrapped in an interesting world always wins out.
Awards are nice to have too, but they don’t motivate me. I’ve found when you work to solve problems together, with respect for one another, and put the work second to that, you do okay. I’ve won a Yellow Pencil, ADC awards, Effies, Tellys, REGGIEs, and a Cyber and bronze Lion. But what I care about most is winning your trust.
Tired since 1994 isn’t wrong. I’ve put a lot of time in. But I’d add inspired, grateful, curious, patient, and passionate to the list.