Beth Tellman, PhD

Assist Professor, Uarizona School Of Geography, Dev & Environment
Affiliate Faculty, Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences & Latin American Studies;
Co-Founder Cloud2street
Portrait of Beth Tellman, PhD


Climate Data is Power - to the People

Tuesday, March 14, 4 p.m.

Surround Stage

BETH & JOELLEN'S TALK, Climate Data is Power - to the People

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As climate scientists - and moms - we know that future generations depend on us making good decisions today about where and how to develop our human society and protect our planet. When we harness the power of big climate data, we can all make better decisions for our cities, our countries and our homes. As our planet warms, the water from the oceans comes on-shore more often in ways we are just beginning to fathom, often to devastating effect. Dr. Russell uses oceangoing robots to predict our climate future on a planetary scale. Dr. Tellman uses detailed maps of floods in near-real-time to help people in need right now. Both are certain that, with more, higher quality and better understood data, we can act wisely to make big changes, one family, one business, one policy at a time.


Dr. Beth Tellman is a human-environment geographer whose research addresses the causes and consequences of global environmental change on people, focusing on access to water, flood risk, and land-use change. She engages in multiple disciplines and methods to "socialize the pixel" or understand the social processes behind environmental change captured in satellite image pixels and leverage satellite data to improve human well-being. 

Beth is a UArizona Assistant Professor in the School of Geography, Development, & Environment. She is also co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Cloud to Street. She earned her 2019 PhD in Geography , Arizona State University School of Geographical Science and Urban Planning; her MS., Environmental Science in 2014 from Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and her BSc., Individual Studies (Sustainable Globalization) Magna Cum Laude Santa Clara University. 

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