Alex! Jimenez

Artist, Illustrator
BFA, 2014, Visual Communications, The University of Arizona
Portrait of Alex! Jimenez in art gallery

WONDER HOUSE @ SXSW 2023 Experiences:

See Alex!'s Animations playing the Wonder House
Saturday – Tuesday, noon
 – midnight

And accompanying DJ DirtyVerbs at the Block Party
Tuesday, March 14, 8 p.m.
 – midnight
Patio Stage

Desiccation/The river below

Tucson Monsoon

ALEX'S ART at the Wonder House
Desiccation/The river below (2023), Animation, 1 minute loop
Tucson Monsoon (2023), Animation, 1 minute loop



Catch Alex's animations accompanying DJ DirtyVerbs Tucson sounds Saturday on the patio, 8p.m. – midnight.

Alexandra (Alex!) Jimenez, is a Chicana print-maker, illustrator, and graphic designer born and raised in Tucson, Arizona.  Her maternal lineage has been in Tucson for four generations.  This familial history in Tucson has grounded her work and given her a strong sense of place. She uses photography, illustration, print-making and design to create works of art that speak to her heritage and sense of community. 

Alex began her career in the sciences, obtaining a BS in Animal Science from Cornell University.  It was her love for discovery and exploration that led her to the science field and ultimately led her to the creative field. In 2014 she received a BFA in Visual Communication from the University of Arizona.  Shortly after graduating she received the Research and Development grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts to pursue her typographical alphabet book, Abecedario del Sur. 

Since then, Alex has continued to pursue and receive grant funding for her studio and public art practice. Print-making and illustration are central to her identity as an artist but she has learned to paint murals, make animations, and record audio. Her work continues to center around the south-side of Tucson and the Sonoran desert. 

In 2021 Alex was selected to work with Tucson Water on a project funded by the US Water Alliance called the Water, Arts, and Culture Accelerator.  Through this funding she started a project to capture and archive the sounds of monsoon rains called the Chubasco Channel. In 2022 she continued her work with Tucson Water as their first Artist-in-Residence.  The audio project from the prior year was used to create a long format soundscape called the Chubasco Channel that featured animations she drew. She spearheaded a project to commission six local artists to use the audio library of monsoon sounds to create original pieces. This became the Monsoon Mixtape.  In June of 2022, along with sound artist Logan Phillips, Alex helped produce “The Santa Cruz Sound Experience”, a temporary sound and art installation beside the Santa Cruz River.  The performance featured the Monsoon Mixtape and an original soundscape live mixed by Logan Phillips using the audio library.

In 2022 Alex was awarded funding through the American Rescue Plan Act to create a public memorial for people who’ve died of COVID-19 in the southside of Tucson.  She is currently working on realizing this project as well as doing private commissions and creating products for sale at local stores.