The Friday Night Movie Podcast

The Friday Night Movie Podcast

Every week, Shai, Lily, and Becky Korman invite you to join their family dinner table as they argue about the latest movies and TV shows and reflect on life in the 80s and 90s growing up Jewish in Montreal.

On the Wonder House rooftop, Friday Night Movie will host an interactive experience where festival-goers get to be part of the show. Walk-up visitors can promote their work, sound-off on their favorite films and shows, play the pod’s signature games, and walk away with official swag.

On Friday, be sure to catch Rebekka Johnson, director and star of Wild Bitch, as she joins the crew to discuss her work, including on Netflix's award winning series "GLOW" and her short film, "Consent, a Short Comedy About a Serious Subject." Wild Bitch premieres at SXSW2022 as a Narrative Short, Sunday, March 13.

Saturday, we’ll be interviewing Jude Harris (Director) and Krista Fatka (star, writer) of the comedic short, Gay Haircut, right after the SXSW World Premiere. For a stand-up comic, a drastic life change can mean losing one’s entire act. Bisexual comedian Krista has decided her relationship with a trans woman is worth coming out over - but will she commit to an entire rebrand with one gay haircut?

Friday Night Movie is produced and co-hosted by Shai, Lily, and Becky Korman. At SXSW Shai will be joined by special guest host, Alli Korman. 

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Friday Night Movie Experiences:

Friday, March 11:
2pm - 3pm, Rooftop Stage
5:15pm - 6:15pm, Wonder House Studio with featured guest, Rebekka Johnson

Saturday, March 12:
10:30 - 11:30am, Wonder House Studio with featured guests, Jude Harris (Director) and Krista Fatka (star, writer)
Noon - 1pm, Rooftop Stage

Sunday, March 13:
Noon - 1pm, Rooftop Stage
1:15pm - 2:15pm, Wonder House Studio

FEB. 26, 2022

Show: Best/Worst Kids’ Shows of All Time

What are the best kids shows of all time? And what are the worst? How would you pitch the Smurfs as a reality show? And are the Gummie Bears actually drug dealers? All of these questions recorded live at Farpoint Convention.

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JAN. 7, 2022

Show: Best Cold Open Ever / Don’t Look Up

Look, this episode has a super fun review of Netflix's Don't Look Up. But really, this one is all about the cold open - our fav ever. Here's to an amazing 2022, filled with siblings cursing at each other and fictitious apocalypses.

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