Christian Carl

Creative Lead, 160over90

Headshot of Christian Carl
  • WONDER HOUSE @ SXSW 2020 Talk:

    Discovering a World of Wonder
    Saturday, March 14, 1:00p.m.

CHRISTIAN'S TALK: Discovering a World of Wonder

Advertising needs to take more cues from entertainment, and the brands that have done so have carved out a space for themselves in culture. One-off stunts just aren’t enough to create a real connection, whereas worlds built around fleshed-out characters and places let the audience live in your brand. Step inside the process of one of contemporary advertising's creative luminaries.


Christian Carl is a creative lead at 160over90, an Endeavor Company. For the past year, he has worked closely alongside the University of Arizona’s Marketing team to develop their new WONDER campaign. Coming from a long career of working on consumer brands, he’s bringing a fresh perspective to a category deserving of it. Brands he’s written for in the past include Volkswagen, Volvo, Timberland, Dos Equis, and Dell Technologies. When he’s not working, he’s drawing comics, writing a children’s book series, or hanging out with his wife, Nari, and his three kids, Emma, Clara, and Smith. Oh, and his dog Bilbo. As in the Hobbit.